BTS Reveal Track List For Forthcoming Anthology

Hey everyone! I’m back with an update on the last article featuring the K-Pop sensation BTS! Their upcoming project, Proof, being an anthology containing three CDs with their greatest hits and other tracks, the track list has been top priority. Well I’ve got great news! I got the tracks organized via the CD they’ll be featured in. Safe to say that this goes from greatest hits to oldies to fresh and clean. Enjoy!

BTS Proof

CD 1: 

  • “Born Singer”
  • ”No More Dream”
  • ”N.O”
  • ”Boy in Luv”
  • ”Danger”
  • ”I NEED U”
  • ”RUN”
  • ”Burning Up (FIRE)”
  • ”Blood Sweat & Tears”
  • ”Spring Day”
  • ”DNA”
  • ”IDOL”
  • ”Boy With Luv” (Feat. Halsey)
  • ”ON”
  • ”Dynamite”
  • ”Life Goes On”
  • ”Butter”
  • ”Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”

(BTS really knows how to make an earworm, huh?)

CD 2: 

  • “Run BTS”
  • ”Intro : Persona”
  • ”Stay””Moon”
  • ”Jamais Vu”
  • ”Trivia ? : Seesaw”
  • ”BTS Cypher PT.3 : KILLER” (Feat. Supreme Boi)
  • ”Outro:Ego”
  • ”Her”
  • ”Filter”
  • ”Friends”
  • ”Singularity”
  • ”00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”
  • ”Euphoria”
  • ”Dimple”

CD 3: 

  • “Jump” (Demo Ver.)
  • ”Young Love”
  • ”Boy in Luv” (Demo Ver.)
  • ”Quotation Mark”
  • ”I NEED U” (Demo Ver.)
  • ”Boyz With Fun” (Demo Ver.)
  • ”Tony Montana” (with Jimin)
  • ”Young Forever” (RM Demo Ver.)
  • ”Spring Day” (V Demo Ver)
  • ”DNA” (j-hope Demo Ver.)
  • ”Epiphany” (Jin Demo Ver.)
  • ”Seesaw” (Demo Ver.)
  • ”Still With You” (Acappella)
  • ”For Youth”

BTS is set to release the anthology “Proof” on June 10th. Make sure to keep an eye (and ear) out for it! That’s it for now! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.

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