Bring Me the Horizon Released Their New Single “DiE4u”

The British rock band, Bring Me The Horizon released on all streaming platforms their new single  DiE4u. The band has been publishing on their Instagram profile pieces of the upcoming video, of the song itself, of the lyrics video and even some behind the scenes videos.

This raised high expectations among the fans, which were definitely met! The song is indeed catchy, overwhelming and captivating, embracing both pop and alternative rock respectively in the verses and chorus.

Taking risks has become commonplace on Bring Me The Horizon albums

Bring Me The Horizon released single after single and they surprise the audience with style changes and musical improvements. This time they proposed a rock song with pop influences with “DiE4u.” The verses are more pop, going rock after the drop. Singer Oli Sykes shows his vocal abilities with his very versatile voice. Fans love band’s new always-changing style and their unapologetic confidence in exploring new music genres.


Back in April, Oli said ​“There’s Bring Me The Horizon fans that love Amo, there’s Bring Me The Horizon fans that just love our first record… it’s not like we’re going to write records that sound like any of those, but I appreciate that some people just wanna listen to f*****g aggressive music, some people wanna listen to more emotional music and stuff. And we’re the same! […] It’s kind of exciting for us; it gives us full creative freedom.”

About “DiE4u,” Bring Me The Horizon’s front man Oli Sykes said “‘DiE4u’ is a song about toxic obsessions, vices and things you can’t kick. I think a lot of people went through very similar struggles while in lockdown, coming face to face with yourself and seeing who you really are and what’s important.”

The video represents the violence and brutality described by Sykes

The core of the video, directed by the singer himself, are vampires, blood and guns. As a result, the video is violent and explicit. The lights in purple and blue of the music video help make the scene more mystical and captivating, and give it an abstract tone.

On September 21st began Bring Me The Horizon “Post Human Tour 2021” dates; The tour will end in December 2022. The band is touring across 15 countries and has 26 upcoming concerts. Click here to see all the opportunities to see them live!

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