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bbno$ And Yung Gravy Team Up For Comical Single “touch grass”

Following the quirky single “C’est La Vie” last month, bbno$ and Yung Gravy teamed up for another collaboration, titled “touch grass.” The single derives from new album bag or die by the Columbian rapper bbno$

bbno$ Has a New Album Coming: “bag or die”

“touch grass”

In detail, “touch grass” arrived on October 19th, and contains rappers Yung Gravy and bbno$ trading sexual, attention-grabbing lines over a distorted instrumental. People often use the phrase “Touch Grass” on the internet, to insult someone that spends too much time online. “Touch Grass” means get outside, and stop wasting the day online. However, this track is less of an insult and more of a braggadocios, cocky display of the rapper’s lifestyles. “Sixty-three cribs with a bitch in each one/Just hit the first sixty-threesome,” bbno$ raps on the first verse.

Undoubtedly, “touch grass” paints a picture of the rappers’ carefree, lavish lifestyle filled with sex and countless women. In one line, bbno$ and Gravy refer to an adult film star Keira Pharell, known for being a “milf.”

Ooh, I feel like Pharrell, I’m droppin’ out with a milf/Check out my wheels, drive itself, yeah, I’m not too thrilled,” Gravy and bbno$ rap. In this bar the duo conveys that they are rich like Pharrell Williams and they also have a hot Mom with them. 

“Yung Gravy” by thecomeupshow is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Yung Gravy

Speaking of, milf lover Yung Gravy on “touch grass” admits 56-year-old actress and mother Halle Barry direct messaged him. “Puffin’ on thе gas, unleaded/Halle Berry in my DMs, tryna get it,” he raps. The 26-year-old “Betty” rapper is known for his humorous, savage bars in his raps.

Despite how his pen game compares to other rappers, his approach to rap music makes him stand out. Similar to bbno$, in his verse he raps about sex and being rich. “If the money come in crumbs then I’m breadеd/See us on a print in a suit, double-breasted,” Gravy raps. The comical and carefree track shows the rappers don’t take themselves too seriously. Give it a listen here.

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