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The Ridiculously Fun “Betty” by Yung Gravy

Yung Gravy is one of those rappers that you probably thought was a joke and would amount to nothing. Probably thought he’d be just one of those meme rappers online that get quoted by highschoolers. You would be half right. Yes, Yung Gravy was (and probably still is) a rapper a bunch of high school kids, myself included, would quote or listen to for shits and giggles. Now however, I’m older and it feels good to say that Yung Gravy is still hilariously fun



What Makes Betty and Yung Gravy Fun: 

Released on June 19th, Yung Gravy starts things off with a sample of the most iconic Rick Roll track. I’m not even going to bother specifying, you’re on the internet you should know what that is. If you don’t… I’m still not saying. 

Anyway, opening with that track and following it up with the lines: 

“I’m with your baby mama at the crib, I blow her back out

Shawty Filipino and she call me Manny Pacquiao” 

You know you’re in for a good time. It’s the witty and humor driven lyrics mixed with a hip-hop rendition of that Rick Roll song I refuse to mention that makes this such a banger. Don’t believe me? Take a listen yourself by clicking the image above. 

I’m sure you’ll find just what makes Yung Gravy more than a meme and solidify him as an artist to keep track of.

That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections. 

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