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Arctic Monkeys Return With New LP, The Car

After the release of their latest single “I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am,” Arctic Monkeys just dropped their new album, “The Car.”

The Car

Arctic Monkeys

After the release of the single “There’d Better Be A Mirroball,” the band announced a new album release. At the end of last Summer, the band started promoting The Car, and now the day of its release has finally arrived! The album also includes the latest songs, “I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am,” “Body Paint,” and the first single “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball.”

Similar to between the release of Suck It And See and AM, Arctic Monkeys experiments with different genres for their seventh LP. Every song embraces a different ambience from the previous, giving the atmosphere to a magical, undefinable, illusionary place. Wah wah guitars on “Jet Skis On The Moat”, orchestra-lookalike in the background of “Big Ideas” and imagines – like the mirror ball and the car – bring the album to a situational, fictitious dimension. The ambience is attractive and soothing, but the underlying growing tension sets a feeling of falsehood and illusion.

Characters In The Car

Here, the main character develops and digs down in his thoughts. Introduced at the end of the album, Mr. Schwartz could be the mysterious, cinematic protagonist of the album. Collecting his thoughts on the title track “The Car”, the character goes through a self-analysis. Also, Turner brings one of his best performances and expressions of the album’s ambience and theme, even singing in falsetto.

The album comes out as a classy representation of a fancy, unidentifiable era. Time and space fade out in the representation of concreteness of elements like the car.

Arguably, the concept and production of The Car make it one of the band’s best album. It may not be the most iconic one – there are few chances of winning against the majestic AM and Favourite Worst Nightmare – but it certainly has a special feeling that makes it one of the most interesting.

2023 World Tour

On the other hand, along with the new LP Arctic Monkeys announced their 2023 World Tour.

The band will perform in 23 dates in Europe, 13 of them being in Great Britain. Germany is the country hosting the most dates in Europe. There are, in fact, five nights divided between Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Oberhausen and Frankfurt. The band will also perform in Austria, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and France.

Arctic Monkeys

22 American cities will turn on their lights for Arctic Monkeys. Starting from Minneapolis on Aug. 25th, the band will cross the country until the end of September. Finally, the tour will conclude in Los Angeles. Among these dates, five will be hosted in Canada as well.

The concerts tickets are now available. Don’t waste your chance to see one of the biggest rock band of the decade live! Make sure to find your ticket here.

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