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Yung Gravy, bbno$, Rich Brian Collab on “C’est La Vie”

Yung Gravy, bbno$, and Rich Brian have a new banger on their hands: the zany and groovy hit “C’est La Vie.” 

A Marvelous Track

“C’est La Vie” is a single from Yung Gravy’s third album, Marvelous.”This American rapper has collaborated numerous times with bbno$, a fellow rapper, and has created bangers such as “Mr. Clean,” “Betty,” and “Whip a Tesla.” 

yung gravy bbno$ rich brian c'est la vie

After teasing “C’est La Vie” for a couple of months now on Tik Tok and Instagram stories, Yung Gravy officially promoted his new album as releasing on September 2nd. Unfortunately, due to some personal issues, he had to delay the release of “C’est La Vie” to September 23rd.  

yung gravy bbno$ rich brian c'est la vie

Marvelous, Yung Gravy’s third album, will be releasing October 28th, so definitely be on the lookout for that! 

That’s Life!

Right on release, this song has been on repeat for many fans. With an insanely catchy beat and hook, this song has everything going for it. Coupled with Yung Gravy, bbno$, and Rich Brian’s unique lyrical style, these three have forged a place in pop entirely of their own.

Yung Gravy’s humorous and pop culture lyricism is back yet again with lines like: 

Tall b****, I Attack on Titan

Need a fine VP like Biden

Like, this still cracks me up. The references are off the charts in this track, with the song going to so many seemingly random places in the lyrics: from Selena Gomez, to K.F.C, to Chief Keef. It’s honestly incredible how this trio can turn nonsense into sense. And even cooler is how some lyrics actually have some wordplay, with the lines:

Play clean, pipe Christine

I pipe correct, I’m so P.C.​

Did you catch it? Play Clean, pipe christine, pipe correct? All of these phrases have a P.C abbreviation. It’s small but it’s pretty sly. 

Check out Yung Gravy’s upcoming projects by clicking here! 


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