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bbno$ Has a New Album Coming: “bag or die”

bbno$, the man, the myth, the sometimes streamer, and meme is back with a brand new album. Recently announced and set to release on October 21st via his own label, bag or die is shaping up to be a banger. Now, something that will most likely surprise you is that this is the SEVENTH studio album bbno$ has made. Yep. It’s as crazy as you think. That said, let’s briefly touch a couple of singles released in anticipation for the album. Starting with… 



This track’s simply infectious and all about being top dawg. bbno$ stands out here because of the well put-together production. It’s got a good beat but the simple bursts of guitar strums really makes this one a lot of fun. Throw in a Dragon Ball Z reference and wacky music video and “piccolo” is a bbno$ hit. 

bbno$ Drops “mathematics”: 


mathematics” has the same positives as the previous one, however, the vibe is completely different. The lo-fi hip-hop styled production is amazing to me in every way. It’s got just the right chill and speed to prop up bbno$ and his braggadocious voice higher than before! 

So that’s a quick look at those two tracks, hopefully it’s got you excited for what’s to come with bag or die. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.   


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