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Bad Suns & PVRIS Collab on “Maybe You Saved Me”

The alternative-pop band Bad Suns joined forces with pop-rock act PVRIS for the new single “Maybe You Saved Me.”

Bad Suns Are Back With More Music

Bad Suns are ready to make 2022 their year. Just in January, they released their 4th studio album Apocalypse Whenever, featuring 13 amazing songs like “Heaven Is A Place In My Head,” “Peachy,” and “Electric Circus.” Not long after, they took the road for a tour stopping by New Haven, and now they are back in the studio, for now.

“Maybe You Saved Me” is the Track We Needed

“Maybe You Saved Me” is a tropical, sunny track where vocalists from both bands unite for a beautiful melody. “Holdin’ on was holdin’ me down. Holdin’ on, who’s holdin’ you now? Maybe you hate me, or, maybe I’m crazy, or. Maybe you saved me. By lettin’ me go,” Bad Suns’ Christo Bowman and PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn sing together in the chorus.

“When I drove home from the studio after we wrote the song, I immediately knew I wanted to hear Lynn’s (PVRIS) voice in the mix, and we’re so grateful she came aboard,” Christo says. “She breathed a new life into the song and helped make it something truly special.”

Lynn adds, “It feels like a full circle moment to be featured on this song, tracking my part in the heat of summer on the west coast years later. Christo’s voice is so iconic and distinct, it felt so special to get to sing along with it on this track. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this song, it’s the perfectly happy and sad summer bop. I hope everyone is in a car and has their windows down when they listen to it for the first time.”

Bad Suns Take the Road Again This Fall

Bad Suns are taking over the United States and Canada again this fall, when they embark on the Apocalypse Whenever tour. Shows start on October 3 in Pomona, CA, and finish on November 12 in Las Vegas, NV. They will visit cities like St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore on the way. Check out the full list of dates down below and get your tickets at


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