December 01, 2022
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Bad Suns Performs at Toad’s Place


Bad Suns Performs at Toad’s Place 

It was their first show ever in New Haven. Except by the sound of the crowd, you’d have expected the band to have performed at Toad’s Place every Tuesday night. When Christo Bowman (lead vocals) leaned into his mic to ask who had seen Bad Suns before, that sound grew louder. 

I’d been a part of the crowd for hours. When I wasn’t listening to music, I was listening to them. Under masks and over bottles, strangers talked. Usually after sharing their favorite song they’d share where they were from. Rhode Island. New York. Vermont. New Jersey. It was everyone’s first show in New Haven. It was no one’s first show from Bad Suns. 

Bad Suns fans are loyal. And why wouldn’t they be? Since 2012, the band has been releasing indie rock hits. Their newest album “Apocalypse Whenever” is no exception.

Apocalypse Whenever

Released in 2022, I expected the band to play songs from their newest album “Apocalypse Whenever” amongst better known hits like “Cardiac Arrest” and “Violet.” What I did not expect was for fans to sing along to both. 

Even Bowman, warned us before playing their newest release  “Life Was Easier When I Only Cared About Me.” How could he know the crowd would sing along to every word? The song was only released three weeks ago. 

That’s the thing about a loyal fanbase. They will go to a rundown club on a Tuesday night to sing a song you released three weeks ago. And they will love every second of it. 

To follow Bad Suns on their next stop check out their tour dates here!  



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