December 09, 2022

Bad Suns’ New Release Is Peachy


On December 8th, American rock band Bad Suns just released their new single Peachy.

The songs joins other four singles from the group that formed in 2012 in Woodland Hills, California, has recently released. These are Heaven Is A Place In My Head, When The World Was Mine, Baby Blue Shades and Wishing Fountains. All the songs were released in 2020, except for Baby Blue Shades that belongs to 2020.

Moreover, currently members Christo Bowman, Gavin Bennett, Miles Morris and Ray Libby last album dates back to 2019, when their almost 2 million monthly listeners got blessed with an iconic “Mystic Truth.”

The band has also two other albums in their discography. “Disappear Here,” released in 2016, is the album that contains some of their biggest success. These includes Daft Pretty Boys and Violet. “Language & Perspective” marks their debut production in 2014.

Peachy lyrics video

Together with the song, Bad Suns also released the lyric video.

The video is in perfect 80’s style, looking like a television and was broadcasting a series of advertisements. You can see several women promoting products. There are clips of ideal television programs which, thanks to the retro filter that accompanies the entire course of the video, allow the viewer to take a leap into the past. There are also scenes that recall cartoons of the same years in the graphics and quality. The video also presents every aspect as if it was a teleshopping channel, and often the prefix is superimposed with the name of the group “Bad Suns.” In addition, various ad copy such as “don’t delay call today,” “call now,” and also “free trial.”

The tour

Bad Suns will also start their tour soon! In January Bowman (vocals), Bennett (bass/keyboard), Morris (drums) and Libby (guitar) will start rocking 24 cities all over the country, starting from Albuquerque, NM on the 28th.

Don’t lose this chance to see them live! Find your tickets here!



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