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The Weeknd Recruits Summer Walker For “Best Friends (Remix)”

“Best Friends (Remix)” and Dawn FM

Abel Tesfaye globally recognized as The Weeknd, has recruited R&B superstar Summer Walker for the “Best Friends (Remix).” The platinum selling artist Summer Walker, and the Weeknd, who has the second most monthly listeners on Spotify deliver the unexpected collaboration we needed. This remix arrived on August 5th, nearly seven months since the release of The Weeknd’s 80s inspired album, Dawn FM. “Best Friends” featured on the album and is a continuation of Abel’s exploration with synth-pop, synthwave, and electro-pop. The track is a change of pace for Walker, as her discography is largely R&B and soul.“Best Friends (Remix)” marks the first collaboration between Summer Walker and The Weeknd. Their stunning harmonies and soft vocals blended seamlessly, and we are left craving more from the R&B duo.

Lyrical Analysis Of “Best Friends (Remix)”

In detail, The Weeknd plays with fire in the friends with benefits relationship described in “Best Friends (Remix).” A friends with benefits situation can be described as a sexual relationship between two friends. Abel and his friend engage in sex but he does not want it to progress to dating one another. He warns his friend not to fall for him as he is not ready for love yet. But, his friend is, and wants to be more than friends. 

Notably, on “Best Friends (Remix)”Abel describes that his past relationship was toxic and it damaged him. Although he loves his best friend, he conveys to them, you are my best friend, and that’s all. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. 

Summer Walker

In contrast, 26-year-old Summer Walker gives us the other perspective on their verse of the “Best Friends (Remix).” They are not satisfied having sex as just friends, Summer wants an exclusive relationship. The singer tells their partner that being friends is impractical, because they are at the point of no return. They attempted a friends with benefits situation before, and it was unsuccessful. They are in too deep and Walker is ready to go all in. 


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