The Struts Are “Lowkey In Love” With Paris Jackson

UK rockers The Struts found an unlikely, but admirable collaborator in Paris Jackson. Together, the band and rising star have dropped a dreamy new glam rock track, “Lowkey In Love.”


A Match Made In Glam Rock Heaven

What happens when two critically acclaimed musical acts come together? History, usually. David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s “Under Pressure”? Iconic. Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s “Finesse”? Legendary. The Struts and Paris Jackson’s “Lowkey In Love”? Otherworldly.


Since their inception, The Struts have been known for two things: being a stellar English rock band and having rare, but always star-studded, collaborations. Working with The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. brought the band massive success with the single, “Another Hit Of Showmanship.” Their hit with Ke$ha, “Body Talks,” was a global phenomenon. Now, with Paris Jackson, the group has another new era of top notch featured guests.


Paris Jackson’s patchwork collection of music is wonderfully emotive and falls seamlessly into the alternative folk genre. As a singer-songwriter, she’s an undefeated individual, so as a featured artist, she has to loosen the reigns of her talent. Luckily, going toe-to-toe with Struts frontman Luke Spiller means big production, lots of production, and full scale theatrics. Nobody had to truly hold back on this new single.


The Struts and Paris Jackson Reflect On Their Whirlwind, Love-Filled Collab

“Lowkey In Love” is a  groovy and dreamy glam rock song based in genuine chemistry. Spiller and Jackson throw their vocals back and forth in the most endearing and soulful manner. On all accounts, the song is sultry, golden, and passion driven. Warm-toned guitars help drive home the fierce lyrics about falling love (and hiding your feelings) in the most frustrating manner.


Luke Spiller gushes in a press release about the process of getting this song off the ground. “‘Low Key In Love’ was written after a date in Los Angeles at 70’s retro bar, ‘Good Times at Davey Wayne’s,’ I walked into the studio explaining that we needed the song to have the essence you feel when entering the bar and absorb the vibe.”


He continues about Miss Jackson, “When we decided to explore the idea of a duet, I thought back to that night and remembered that Paris played a brilliant acoustic set.  Something inside was telling me that everything happened for a reason, so I decided to message her. I’m convinced some things are just written in the stars. Bringing in Paris just gave the song a whole new dimension and really brings the story to life. She is beautiful and brilliant. A star.”


Paris Jackson felt that same serendipotios magic before, during, and after coming together with The Struts. “I first heard of The Struts when I went to go see Mötley Crüe play their final set on New Year’s Eve night at Staples Center a few years ago. The boys opened up for them and I had no idea it was going to be as incredible as it was. I just remember turning to my friend and saying ‘who the f*** ARE these guys!?’ I was so blown away by their talent, their stage presence, and their energy. It felt like I had time travelled and got to experience what rock’n’roll was at it’s prime, like with the Rolling Stones and Queen. I started listening to their music and would see them at events here and there, and we’ve always been pretty friendly online.”


“When Luke asked to work with me, it was an immediate yes.  It’s been a privilege and an honour to sing on a song that I know means so much to Luke, and I’m grateful for the friendship that has sprung from such a lovely project. It’s unlike anything I have ever done or thought to do before, and I’m here for it.”

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