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Why Don’t We Grows Up in New Album “The Good Times and The Bad Ones”

New Album From Why Don’t We!

Last Friday was a day Why Don’t We fans have been anticipating for quite a while now. The pop boy band released their sophomore album The Good Times And The Bad Ones, representing the good and bad moments life can bring. 

What was supposed to be a three-month-long break taking a step back from social media to fully dive into music, became an over a year-long hiatus due to COVID. This also gave the boys a chance to explore more of their sound, gaining more inspiration.

The band’s new era began with the release of “Fallin’ (Adrenaline)” on September 29, 2020. Along with the single, they also released a music video. In it, fans were able to see how much the band had grown up. They also discovered that this was going to be a much more mature album. In a promotional video for the single, the band revealed some details about the upcoming album: “This album is actually the first album we wrote and produced on our own.”

On November 12, 2020, Why Don’t We took to social media to announce the release date of The Good Times and The Bad Ones. On an Instagram post, the band shared: “These last few years have been an absolute whirlwind for us. From moving out to LA as a band and touring the world, to falling in and out of love, and now being locked inside for months… Life has been amazing, and equally tough. But you have to do your best to make something beautiful out of it all, so that’s what we did. We put everything into this album. We hope it helps you enjoy the good times and push through the bad ones.”

They Wrote and Produced The Good Times and The Bad Ones

The band has also talked about the biggest change in this album compared to their first one. “This album is the first time that we’ve ever really told the story ourselves,” says Corbyn Besson. “We put out 40 to 50 songs in the past, but not one of those songs was fully written or fully produced by us. It was all either collaborative or sent to us through the label as, ‘Hey, this would be a great song option.’ The process before was, we’d listen to songs and make some changes and fall in love with them and put them out. But this album is 100% purely us, so it feels really big for us in that sense.”

Jonah also shared that their song ‘Lotus Inn’ was inspired by the Percy Jackson series! “The Lotus Inn was based off the Lotus Hotel and Casino from the Percy Jackson series. I grew up reading those books. It’s basically a place where they go and time is very warped. They eat these lotus flower treats, and they think they are there for 3 or 4 hours and then they come out and it’s been a whole week. It’s a place where they can get stuck their whole lives. We wanted to write a song about being in that place and time, never wanting the night to end. It was a fun aspect of that song, trying to fit it into that concept.”

Make sure to listen to Why Don’t We’s new album and listen to their brand new, grown-up sound. Tell us what you think!

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