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Bebe Rexha Announces Sophomore Album “Better Mistakes” With “Sabotage”

Bebe Rexha announced that her new album Better Mistakes will be out on May 7. To celebrate, she dropped a new song off the album, “Sabotage.”

A Different Side of Bebe

“Sabotage” offers a different side of Bebe than what we’ve seen in tracks such as “Sacrifice” and “Baby, I’m Jealous.” Still true to her distinctive lyricism, it’s a dark ballad that talks about her aching past. “Tell myself I’m safe and lonely. With nobody else to break my heart. Even though I know you’d never. I’m my own worst enemy and think you are. Matches in my back pocket. I’m the queen of burnin’ bridges. I will only let you down. Why do I sabotage everything I love? It’s always beautiful until I f*** it up.”

The ballad came accompanied by an out-of-this-world music video, which gives us the perfect visual to go along with the song. In it, Bebe walks around a house that’s falling apart as she touches everything inside of it. Mirrors, furniture, and even walls shatter when she walks by. In the end, the entire place burns down and Bebe watches the scene from afar while singing in agony.

“Sabotage” Shows Bebe’s Vulnerable Side

Bebe shared, “‘Sabotage’ is one of the most vulnerable songs on my new album, Better Mistakes. It’s just as beautiful as it is painfully honest. I admit to getting in my own way when things are going well. I know I am not alone in experiencing self-sabotage during life’s most precious moments, and this ballad is an acknowledgment that sometimes we are our own worst enemy.”

In contrast, Bebe talked about the process of creating Better Mistakes in the Youtube series Released. “When you’re in the studio and you’re writing with somebody, you have to find that lightning in a bottle. You have to find that moment that sparks. So I got into the studio and I wrote this with Kid Pablo and U.C and Justin Tranter. What we wanted to do with this album was really write songs that were based on insecurities and everything that I ever feel embarrassed about or fearful about. And we just did that.”

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