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Arca is Red Hot on “Incendio”

Arca is Back with Fiery Energy

Arca comes in hot on her first solo release of the year, “Incendio.” This single follows Acra’s collaboration with Lady Gaga, remixing her track “Rain on Me” for the Dawn of Chromatica album. The Venezuelan musician, singer, producer, and DJ flawlessly marries danceable club music with the intrigue of experimental noise. Arca is not just a multi-talented artist. She redefines what it means to be a popstar as a Latinx nonbinary trans woman. On this latest drop, Arca continues to carve out her own space as one of the most innovative and enigmatic experimental pop artists on the scene. 


“Incendio” Sets the Dancefloor Ablaze

The unique structure and form of “Incendio” is what lends itself to such a futuristic sound. The song features Arca’s first foray into rapping on one of her own tracks. Following the rap section the vocals sharply shift up in pitch. Thus serving almost alien-like vocals. Arca’s typical avant-garde pop style gets injected with booming and almost metallic drums. This gives the track an industrial hip-hop edge. The production is visionary, making the song sound like it belongs as the soundtrack to a robot dance battle. Arca’s style of production is especially distinctive for it’s use of textures. The song starts as a shiny, glitchy, fiery dance track. But halfway through, it slowly melts into a slippery, fluid, more organic energy. Then each fractal of sound collides with such intensity to create a rich, almost frantic sound that you can’t help but move with. 


A Concert Film for a Cause

First “Incendio” was released prior to a concert film curated and livestreamed by Arca. Proceeds from tickets went to Casa Rifugio Marcella.  This shelter is for trans and nonbinary people who are victims of discrimination and violence. The film also included a remix of Ariana Grande’s, “No Tears Left to Cry.” The film was directed by Weirdcore, a longtime Aphex Twin collaborator.



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