February 06, 2023



NCT 127 Release Powerhouse “Sticker” Album

“Sticker” Has The Pop Hits

NCT 127 finally released their long-awaited third album, “Sticker,” filled with chaotic and nostalgic 2000s pop beats. They teased the new era via Twitter with visualizers, album posters, single hints.

Released in late September, the K-pop group proved they don’t follow trends but simply make a path distinctively theirs. While there are high energetic moments like hard-hitting “Lemonade,” there are plenty still moments like in “The Rainy Night.” Sonically, they venture into the essence of what makes NCT 127 but also explore where the group is heading.

“Lemonade” is Refreshing

The zesty “Lemonade” is sour-sweet and gets the heart pumping, and probably the heart of the record. As the chorus nears, the beat crescendos into a rave-like climax. Instead of an explosion of EDM, the chorus simmers into speedy drums, quick raps, and heavy vocal effects. It’s the ultimate tease, but it works because their energy is peak from start to finish. Set this as your alarm; it’s a great way to start the morning!


NCT 127 Slows Thing Down on “The Rainy Night” and “Promise You”

Piano chords open up the heart-felt “The Rainy Night” with the group harmonizing. It sounds elegant, the chorus is a waltz perfect for a Cinderella fantasy. Their backing vocals are reminiscent of late 2000’s R&B ballads, and they are layered beautifully. Before closing the song, they ponder how to handle love but dismiss it quickly, “I foolishly leave it up to / Tomorrow’s me.”

“Promise You” begins with early-2000’s pop synths– think Cher’s “Believe” or *NSYNC’s “This I Promise You.” It transports me to that nostalgia, so the message resonates instantly, “Oh, I promise you, on the day we meet again / I will hug you, and more than saying just a single word.” Being far from a person you cherish can feel like a lifetime, and NCT 127’s wishes hit home for many. Their voices pierce the hooks, peaking through the soft EDM in the background.

If you need a moment to be sad, these tracks are worth the listen. Their lyrics are imaginative and poetic, and it gets across those feelings people would rather not think or say.

The Track That Didn’t “Stick-er”

“Sticker”, the title track, is the perfect example of said exploration gone wrong. The track is a chaotic frenzy of flute melodies, sporadic drums, and raps — brace your ears. It’s an explosive reminder of those who can’t be separated and will stay together, an ode to their fans. Compared to the rest of the album, it doesn’t represent NCT 127’s sound well, but it’s a memorable skip. At least the visuals are entertaining, stimulating, and help digest the unpleasant chaos.


Other standout tracks include “Dreamer,” the adrenergic “Bring The Noize,” and the R&B-inspired “Focus.” It’s evident that NCT 127’s pushes their creative limits to new bounds in their new album, “Sticker,” a treasure trove of pop anthems– and it’s a success!


Do you enjoy this album just as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!

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