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Angelic Collab Between Flume and Caroline Polachek On “Sirens”

Flume continues the rollout of his forthcoming LP, Palaces, with his newest single “Sirens” featuring Caroline Polachek.  In early February, the Australian electronic producer released the album’s debut single “Say Nothing” featuring MAY-A.  The lively debut track is a vibrant crescendo of music.  With “Sirens” we see Flume ease us into euphoria with no-fluff vocals and intricate sound engineering.

Flume Gets HeavenlyFlume and Caroline Polachek Promotional Photo For "Sirens"

Ethereal and clean, Flume guides us into transcendence with this song.  At the forefront of it is Caroline Polachek’s trademark talent of being able to control even the most severe pitches.  We see the soprano do this on “Sirens” by gently floating her high-pitched voice over the metallic underlays of Danny L Harle and Flume’s production.  “We started doing a session, and Danny L Harle showed me a voice note from Caroline with some very early stages of vocals. I loved it and went back in on it during the pandemic.” says the artist on Polachek’s vocals.  Flume uses those vocals as a lighthouse as the rollicking, spinning, sonics of the track eventually grow into an epic display of dense composition.

A Perfect Musical Engineering Of Reality

The feeling of longing that shrouds the track is similarly found in its lyrics.  Polachek says that while writing the song during the pandemic she had an overwhelming feeling of being unable to control the world around her. “I was really going through it, feeling so small, unable to control anything in the world, and the lyric ‘sirens’ was in reference to constant ambulances I was hearing.” says the artist.  The jading of that time led to Flume capturing that sentiment in this track.  It is a perfect boil down of unsatiated reality into a song encapsulating that feeling.

Further, Flume is playing at this year’s Coachella and Governor’s Ball over the summer.  His album Palaces is out May, 20th.


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