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100 gecs Go Crazy For “Doritos & Fritos”

Hyperpop duo 100 gecs is back to their original PC-heavy production with their latest single, “Doritos & Fritos.” This single is their first of the year since the release of “mememe” in November 2021. These singles are off their heavily-rumored sophomore album, 10000 gecs.

Where is 10000 gecs?

From the duo’s interview with Pitchfork, they scrapped their initial sophomore album, 10000 gecs, because they felt their roughly 4,000 demos “were not strong enough.” “Doritos & Fritos” were one of the mentioned tracks slated for 10000 gecs. The sound has interlacing guitar harmonies. And Laura Les, one part of 100 gecs, blatantly states that the track is”[…] about chips on tv and weird dreams.”

“mememe,” released in November 2021, featured a “stripped-down” production on Laura Les’s vocals, usually full of Autotune. The track is still explosive but more organized and timed perfectly. Part of this revved-up energy is due to contributions from legendary studio drummer Josh Freese who worked with pop stars like Katy Perry.

While their recent singles seem to be off their next project, they have yet to announce its release date.

“Doritos & Fritos” by 100 gecs

The opening of “Doritos and Fritos” opens up with disjointed production like off-tune pitch machines. It’s constant and counters the one-pump drum bass. Much like the sound, the lyrics are equally chaotic: “I’m hard to please, I’ll punch a referee (Ooh!) / I bruised my knees, I’m pissing in the breeze.” However, it follows the radical energy of the song and its origins.

It’s funky, repetitive, and, ironically, pushes a more “pop song” sound compared to their past work. It resembles much of “mememe,” but “Doritos & Fritos” is simply a fever dream without any cohesion. They smash through the pre-chorus rushed, wild, and full of pitched vocals: “And the TV’s tuned to cable, and I’m sleeping when I’m able / But the TV’s on so loud it hurts my brain[…]”. Based on the song’s delivery, Doritos and Fritos are either: the only things they remembered from the TV or “munchies” they craved. Either way, it’s genius how 100 gecs turns seemingly trivial moments into a PC-generated, hyperpop beast of a song.



What do you think of 100 gecs’s new single, “Doritos & Fritos?” Let us know in the comments!

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