December 08, 2022

Caroline Polachek Sings of an abundance of Love on “Billions”


"Billions" Single Cover - Caroline PolachekCaroline Polachek feels gratitude

Imbued with both mystique and heart, Caroline Polachek is an artist pointing forward when it comes to pop music.  The So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings singer is finishing up her U.S. tour of her time-stopping, debut album Pang, and is slowly releasing the breadcrumb trail to her next project.  As of now, Polachek has three releases from her next, unannounced project. The first of which is the enigmatic single Bunny Is A Rider.  Now, we hear Billions with its accompanying B-Side track, Long Road Home, a Oneohtrix Point Never cover.  The visionary Billions and its music video are a glowing look at the bliss of abundance and love.

It is dizzying love

With Billions Polachek and co-producer Danny L Harle deliver a nearly 5-minute track.  In it, Polachek creates what she says is “something that captured the afterglow of a reopening.”  With that, Polachek infuses the opening verse lyrics with joy.  “Sexting sonnets under the table” she sings.  Her stunning vocals stretch and expand throughout every verse.  In addition to the slurring of “Say something to me” in the chorus, the song breathes being drunk in love.Caroline Polachek from the "Billions" Muisc Video

Harles’ production on the track is synonymous with that of his baroque work on Polachek’s last album Pang.  A noticeable yet subdued bassline, and electronically organic beats.  Except here, he and Polachek create something exceptionally angelic.  Notably, with the outro of the song featuring the rich vocals of the Trinity Croydon Choir.  Here, the three-part choir breaks off into different parts layering the lyrics “I’ve never felt so close to you.” It is bright with pure happiness and feels like a warm embrace with tears of joy in your eyes.

Currently, Polachek is touring with Dua Lipa for her ‘Future Nostalgia Tour‘.  You can check out our Onstage section for more details.



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