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Lizzo Shines On “It’s About Damn Time”

Lizzo "Special" Album Cover
Lizzo’s “Special” out July 15th

Lizzo Debuts “Song Of The Summer”

B*tch! Lizzo is back, and she is serving us what she calls the “Song of the summer.”  The hitmaker is staying busy lately.  Late last month she released her Amazon Prime original, “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls.”  The reality-competition show sees Lizzo searching for the best backup dancers for her tour.  Then, the star took to Instagram to announce her shape wear brand for all sizes.  Now, after teasing “It’s About Damn Time” for James Corden on The Late Late Show, Lizzo finally shares the groovin’ track.

A Glittering Groove Track

“It’s bad bitch o’clock, yeah, it’s thick-thirty” is how she opens the track.  The disco-glistening track is straight out of the 70’s.  “Truth Hurts” producer Ricky Reed joins Blake Slatkin in the mixing of the track.  Together with Lizzo, they create a peachy Jazz track full of horns and hip-moving guitar chords.  Of course, her bright voice works perfectly on the nostalgic song.  Truly, you feel the joy radiating from Lizzo as she dances through the track.  Delivering in the pre-chorus, she uses her whole chest to let you know, “Oh, I’m not the girl I was or used to be.”  Then, into the chorus the song gets bubbly.  Here, chimes, and Lizzo’s flute work invite you in.  Unable to escape a smile while singing this track, it is pure feel-good energy.

She Is Too Good To Be Stressed And Sexy

In the music video for the track, Lizzo’s charisma shines even more.  While at the “Stressed and Sexy” support group she leans into the disco aesthetic and lights the place up.  You see her in full glam, hair to the ceiling, dancing around, and letting everyone know that she really is too much of a baddie to be feeling this stress.  It is pure Lizzo pizazz and an exciting look at what this next project will look like for her.

Additionally, Lizzo announced that her upcoming album, Special, is out on July 15th.

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