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XYLØ Burns Up On “red hot winter”

After three singles, XYLØ continues with the climate-cautious “red hot winter” from her upcoming debut album “unamerican beauty.”

After three singles, XYLØ continues with the sultry-inspired "red hot winter" from her upcoming debut album "american beauty."
via Instagram @xylo: from the suburbs to the city, yeah it changed me… 29 days till “unamerican beauty” the album 🙏🏼


The Meaning Behind “american beauty”

After years of singles and EPs, the LA singer-songwriter is finally releasing a full-length project. The album, “unamerican beauty,” will be a mix of alternative and pop, and it will be out June 10. In a conversation with Rolling Stones, XYLØ says, “Unamerican Beauty is about growing up in an ever-changing America and navigating the music industry as a young woman, […] From the suburbs to the city. The highs and the lows. I share my perspective on life living in the notorious ‘land of the free.’” However, the music’s underlying theme reflects this quote:

It’s [“unamerican beauty” is] for anyone who has deep pride in where they’re from but has been affected by the trepidation and realities of what that place represents.

 In the past single “Sweetheart,” she gives her ex a talking-to and carries on. And the lead single, “Alien,” is a dark pop track about feeling disconnected from society. She says in a press release, “We all come from different backgrounds and upbringings, but the one thing that joins us is the commonality of feeling lost. No matter how much or how little we have. And rather than being afraid of it, going along for the ride.”

Per an Instagram post, “red hot winter” will be the fourth and final single before the album’s release.

“red hot winter” by XYLØ

The track details XYLØ’s feelings and reactions regarding the climate change crisis.

“Red hot winter” starts with an engine taking off and continues with a sultry burn. There’s a menacing tempo, and XYLØ doesn’t pull from the punch. Her voice is husky as she says, “If God is in the details / I’m a skim reader / The devil works hard / I’ve got a fever.” Her thematic lyricism has always had a Lana Del Rey vibe, but her direct hits here are anything but– it is bold. And still, there’s that daunting beat that guides her hate along to the chorus, but she continues her tirade.

Some of the track is spoken word while remaining detailed throughout. The singer continues her story over the harsh beat. Here, she opens up about the world’s troubles and criticizes wealthy people who avoid it: “I want us to love each other / Glasses on now I see nuclear / I hope that we see the new year / Costs the world to get to space / Burn your money / Fan the flames.”  Though she is ultimately anxious, the singer teeters between conservation and utter destruction, which captures this polarizing time. This contrast is visible on the track’s sultry-funk chorus: Burn it down, burn it down / Now we’re in trouble / Running out, running out of excuses / Here’s looking at you, kid /Red hot!”

“Red hot winter” is ultimately a sizzling track with an important message that will be burned into your brain.

XYLØ’s debut album “unamerican beauty” is out June 10.

Do you like XYLØ’s new track, “red hoy winter”? Let us know in the comments!

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