December 06, 2022

The Generic & Bare “Sleazy Flow Remix”


SleazyWorld Go & Lil Baby collab to deliver the surprisingly fitting track “Sleazy Flow Remix”. Originally released on the 26th of May, the Kansas City native goes off on the piano focused, bass-heavy song about… opps and a bitch. Understandably, while the song isn’t entirely unique what’s worth noting is how it fits into a wider array of music. There’s a huge adoration by the general public for good flow and simplistic lyrics. Ironically, SleazyWorld Go lightly touches upon a murder committed in a store and going into a single promiscuous relationship that, ultimately means nothing to him.

Well, what about Lil Baby? He’s practically the same on “Sleazy Flow Remix.” He offers a very focused breakdown of the shallow relationship. The music itself sounds and feels bare bones. Even so, that works in their favor as both artists get to truly shine on the track. 

If you’re into that, then go right ahead and more power to you. What’s safe to say that SleazyWorld Go is an artist worth keeping an eye on. Especially when he branches out to make more personal music. Feel free to check out Sleazy Flow Remix here. That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.




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