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Sky Ferreira Debuts a New Self With Latest Single

Sky Ferreira Returns, And Has Something To Say

After nearly three years since her last single, “Downhill Lullaby” the allure of Sky Ferreira is still strong.  Now, the artist is finally saying what she’s always wanted to.  “Don’t Forget” is the latest release from the artist and the second single from her long-awaited second studio album Masochism.  Ferreira says label delays and living in the bureaucracy of the entertainment industry led her to feel “stuck in a cage” when it came to making decisions on her music. After eight years passed since her groundbreaking debut album, many feared the artist would never follow it up.  However, now she says, “I’m going to put my foot down.” On “Don’t Forget” she tells her story of how screaming doesn’t always make you heard… sometimes you have to set flames to the whole town.

Sky Ferreira Don't Forget Single Cover

It’s Cynical But Freeing

“Don’t Forget” captures exactly what Ferreira is feeling at this stage in her career. She sings “I’ll catch your disease, it’s such a raw deal world / I don’t need to deceive you, I’m the real bad girl.” on the pre-chorus.  She no longer fears the grip of contracts that have dictated her for so long.  “It’s about being put in these situations for a long time. It’s a bit of freeing myself, but not in the most conventional way.”  she says in a rare interview with Vulture.

The 80’s-tinged track has a cinematic grandeur to it -mirroring the old-Hollywood aesthetic of the single cover. With whirling synths and a growling bass guitar Ferreira reminds you “Don’t forget, oh no, I won’t forget / I don’t forgive” on the chorus. The melancholy confidence radiating from the track almost feel’s like a final farewell.  It’s a bow-out from the “stifled” Sky Ferreira of the past, and an introduction of the new, tell-all, of now.

Masochism Will Come

As for, Masochism – the album shrouded in folklore about whether it will ever come, Ferreira says it’s coming soon. She is “100 percent confident” that it will premiere this year.  “It’s not like I’m not releasing music till 2023. The album is written.” she says.

In 2020 Sky Ferreira’s “Downhill Lullaby” was featured on the soundtrack for Promising Young Woman.  Collaborating with Charli XCX in 2019, Ferreira was featured on her track “Cross You Out”.

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