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Will Lana Del Rey and Miles Kane Release an Album Together?

Miles Kane has revealed he and Lana del Rey have done “so many songs” together that they could make an album.

Lana and Miles Go Way Back

Miles just released his new album Change The Show on January 21. On the other hand, Lana had a huge year in 2021, as she not only released one, but TWO albums, Chemtrails Over The Country Club, and Blue Banisters. 

Well, it turns out that back in 2018, the pair recorded a bunch of songs during the sessions for Miles’ LP Coup de Grace. They also ended up forming a supergroup with Loren Humphrey, Tyler Parkford, and Zach Dawes. In the end, Lana took the demo for “Dealer,” which features Miles’ vocals, and is, in fact, included in Blue Banisters.

They Have Enough Songs to Make an Album

Miles revealed, “We did so many songs. I think I was sort of flirting about putting it on an album, then she was, and then I got a call a few months back where she said she wanted to stick [“Dealer”] out. That was the one song from the demos we did that had something really special, and it’s so real. The way she comes in and soars on her vocal is something that I think nobody has ever heard before. I like that she’s just kept it as the original demo we did when we wrote it.”

While talking with Far Out Magazine, Miles explained that there is plenty of material left over that could be turned into a record. “There’s quite a lot, you know. Probably enough for an album, we’d still need to finish some bits off, but there’s definitely some completed tunes.”

Lana had previously disclosed that she and Miles had formed a band together, but the group later separated. Back then, she shared, “I’ve done so much with Miles. I think at first me and Miles and some of the guys in The Last Shadow Puppets were working on a side project and had our own band. This was December through March. I didn’t have a world tour planned and they didn’t have anything either because Alex [Turner] is working on his stuff, but, after listening to the songs, I felt like the songs were probably for Miles’ solo stuff.”

Do you think this record will happen in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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