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We Sang Our GUTS Out in Houston with Olivia Rodrigo

During her highly anticipated world tour, Olivia Rodrigo made a pit stop in Houston on night three of her GUTS tour. And we were one of the lucky ones to experience it.

GUTS World Tour: Night Three

Before Olivia even stepped foot on stage, Chappell Roan entranced the crowd with her high-energy performance. She was a great introductory artist to set the scene for what would unfold later on in the night. The crowd was practically buzzing with excitement by the time Chappell wrapped up her set with “Pink Pony Club.” Despite being on for only a handful of songs, Chappell took full advantage of her role and made it a night to remember—for both herself and the crowd. Once the lights returned to the arena, there was nothing but praise coming from all directions. And alas, it was time to wait for Olivia.

There must be something in the water that Disney kids drink whilst on their way to stardom. Like Miley Cyrus, Sabrina Carpenter and Dove Cameron, Olivia Rodrigo is another testament of the actress-turned-artist trope gone right. She’s exceptional at captivating the audience—whether she’s singing solo on stage or surrounded by a dozen background dancers. Whereas I was initially incredulous to see her up for Best Rock Song at the 2024 GRAMMYs, seeing her in person quickly changed my mind. Olivia is not afraid to get gritty with her vocals. She can summon the nostalgic feels of 2000s punk-rock Paramore. She definitely wasn’t afraid to don an electric guitar for “obsessed.” While she might look like an innocent princess on the outside, she’s got some emotions to get out—and quite honestly doesn’t give a f*** what you think.

Olivia Rodrigo Was Electric From Start to Finish

Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour in Houston
Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour in Houston

Kicking off the night with “bad idea, right?” was a good indication of the energy that Olivia brought to Houston. In a matter of minutes, she had the crowd screaming and jumping to every word. And when it was time to slow down for ballads like “drivers license” and “teenage dream,” she had no problem changing pace on a whim. From floating on a crescent moon above the crowd to an impressive performance of “making the bed” while lying down, Olivia Rodrigo made the most out of the 1.5 hours she had with us.

In an age where it’s almost impossible to score tickets to see artists like Olivia, I’m incredibly grateful to have had the chance to attend her tour. If you’re ever left wondering how this 21-year-old exploded from actress to chart-dominating artist, then I promise all your questions will be answered once you see her live. She’s wildly charismatic without even trying. She can play multiple instruments while keeping her voice as beautiful as the recordings. And she’s got all the songs you need to deal with the seven stages of grief in a breakup. Whether you’re looking to cry or rage on, Olivia Rodrigo’s got you covered.

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