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Discover This Revisited Featured Artist: Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter will open for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Latin America, and select dates in Australia and Asia.

More than a year after her magnum-opus album, emails i can’t send, Sabrina Carpenter has gone international with festival dates and opening for megastar Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour dates in Latin America since August 2023. Swift’s Latin American dates cover three-day stays in tourist paradises like Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. 

Swift announced part of the international dates via Twitter while praising Sabrina Carpenter. “Really thrilled to tell you this!! Mexico, Argentina and Brazil: We are bringing the Eras Tour to you this year! Sweet angel princess [Sabrina Carpenter] will be joining us on all of the shows,” Swift said. “Lots more international dates to come soon, promise!”

Despite additional 2024 dates for the Eras Tour’s Australia and Asia legs, there’s been no stopping the “Nonsense” singer’s individual milestones as she’s been billing London’s Hyde Park next to BLACKPINK and Lana Del Rey, and took over Chicago’s Lollapalooza on August 3.

Carpenter and touring is a recipe for stardom, and the Emails I Can’t Send tour is her catalyst. Even handling stage malfunctions or venue restrictions became part of the charm of the “because I liked a boy” artist. As “Fat Times” is a highlight of every show set, Carpenter’s played-up promiscuous darling persona makes her magnum-opus feel less of a marketing gimmick to the Olivia-Rodrigo-Joshua-Bassett drama. With every tour stop, her notoriety became individual, pushing her deluxe edition to success with “Feather” going TikTok viral.


im sooo sorry for your loss

♬ Feather – Sabrina Carpenter

Eventually, even red-carpet appearances became more vital than collateral as she spiced up every photo-op with A-listers. Despite no collaborations (except for Coi Leray and Charli Puth), Carpenter even won the hearts of various K-pop armies as she proclaimed her love for girl groups TWICE and BLACKPINK and brought boy group ENHYPEN in for a TikTok.

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