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Featured Artist Friday: Getting to Know Disney’s Dark Horse, Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron’s musical journey began with her involvement in various Disney Channel projects – some of which you may recognize. She contributed to the soundtracks of the wildly popular “Descendants” franchise, where she showcased her singing abilities through powerful and catchy pop songs. The soundtrack albums, featuring Dove’s vocals, charted high on music charts around the world. Yet this was merely a sneak peek into what the future held for Dove Cameron.

Artist Profile: Dove Cameron

Since her days on Disney Channel, Dove has amassed over 11 million listeners on Spotify. In a sense, she “graduated” from the kid-friendly, theatrical songs that she began her career with. Now, she has created an identity that is 100% her own. 2021 was the year that Dove began making music that reflected her own preferences and style, beginning with “Taste of You” with Rezz. She went on to drop “Boyfriend,” a sultry and seductive track that provided insight into Dove’s unapologetic view on her sexuality. It has since become a popular LGBT+ track and has her most streams on a song yet at 481 million. Other notable tracks include “Breakfast,” the haunting and fervent feminist soundtrack that throws a middle-finger up to the patriarchy, and her collaboration with Khalid, “We Go Down Together.”

Dove’s musical career may have been kickstarted by the kids’ TV network, but it was propelled forward and maintained by her own strength as an artist. From the looks of it, Disney was a prequel, and we are in the opening chapters of Dove Cameron. There’s still plenty left to the story here.

Using Her Platform for Good

Aside from her artistic endeavors, Dove Cameron has used her platform to advocate for important social causes. She has been vocal about mental health issues, body positivity, and LGBTQ+ rights. Dove actively engages with her fans and promotes inclusivity and acceptance. This has largely contributed to her popularity among her fans. Dove provides a safe place in multiple mediums, from comforting TV shows to lulling vocals and concerts. In this way, she truly has proven to use her platform and voice to make positive change.

With her talent, advocacy, and genuine personality, Dove Cameron has established herself as a role model for young artists and her fans. She has become a beloved fixture in the entertainment industry. After all, for some fans, she has grown up alongisde them. Dove’s versatility as an actress, her captivating voice, and dedication to making a positive impact on the world make her a force to be reckoned with.

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