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Tyla Yaweh is Ready to Embrace His ‘SUMMER VIBES’

The Tyla you didn’t expect. With “SUMMER VIBES,” Tyla Yaweh has recreated a pop sound that we very rarely hear from his music. “SUMMER VIBES” has a surprising lightness to it, which makes the song even more enjoyable for every type of fan. Tyla was once just a kid from Orlando with a hard past and a harder future, but things have changed. Music saved Tyla’s life and he wants to give back everything he achieved. We’re talking about an artist with a small beginning who has slowly become a known name in the industry. Credit is also due to his discoverer, Post Malone, who signed him with London Entertainment when he arrived in California.

Now it’s time for Tyla Yaweh’s next step. This means seeing his name on the top charts with a solo project. In this sense, “SUMMER VIBES” is probably the best thing he could create. Without distorting himself, Tyla comes with a pure pop song that has the characteristics to be his personal hit. He’s not only a rapper but, most importantly, a musician—a musician who has made his fans accustomed to the freshest melodies, always trying to come out with something new every time.

Heart Full of Rage 2

“SUMMER VIBES” sets the stage for his highly anticipated album, Heart Full of Rage 2. The album came out on August 4, 2023. Fans who eagerly awaited its release received an album that pushed boundaries and showcased Tyla’s unique blend of melodic cadence, rock, emo, pop, and hip-hop sounds. With his musical evolution and captivating energy, Tyla Yaweh is poised to make a lasting impression in the industry. So, get ready to embrace the summer vibes and immerse yourself in the musical journey that awaits with Heart Full of Rage 2.

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