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K-pop boy band Tomorrow x Together brought their Act: Promise World Tour to two sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden.
Courtesy of Matthew Landsman


TOMORROW X TOGETHER, or TXT for short, is a five-member boy group under BTS’ label, Big Hit Music. Under HYBE Entertainment, the group has become a prominent fourth-generation group. Debuting in 2019, they have released hit after hit, successfully making a name for themselves not only in Korea, but also globally. In 2023, their album The Name Chapter: Temptation soared to number one on the Billboard Album chart. This was their first #1 album in the US and marked a milestone in their career as hitting the Western market successfully.

On Spotify, TOMORROW X TOGETHR currently have over nine million monthly listeners as they explore many concepts and genres. The group has covered soft rock, pop, synth pop, Afrobeats and many other genres for the last five years. Their concepts can range from dreamy to dark in an instant with ease. “Crown,” their debut song, is where you would start to follow the always-changing storyline of the group.

Soobin is the leader of the group who can hit high notes effortlessly. Yeonjun is an all-rounder who raps very well and can dance just about anything he tries to. His visual is very striking and can fit any kind of concept. Beomgyu has an angelic tone that complements the other members’ voices nicely. Huening Kai is from Hawaii, making him the English speaker of the group. He has a soft, smooth tone.


Courtesy of Matthew Landsman

TXT brought their Act: Promise World Tour to New York selling out two nights at Madison Square Garden. Not many Korean pop groups can pull off two nights of packed stadiums and Tomorrow X Together is bringing their culture to the stage. Performing on June 1st and 2nd, they put on an incredible show. It lasted around two hours, starting promptly at 7:30 PM.

For two hours, the group sang perfectly and performed their intense choreography with ease. It is not easy to hit intensive dance moves while hitting high notes and spitting rap flows but they made it look seamless. The concert consisted of popular title tracks and b-sides of their nine projects that were equally as impressive. Accompanying their incredible stages, they had very insane visuals telling a story with interludes and an exhilarating intro. From what I could gather, the story followed their latest EP, Minisode 3: Tomorrow. They were searching for a better tomorrow and a bright future trying to find what that meant to them. It was beautifully shot with movie-like set designs.

Overall, TXT were amazing and very interactive with the crowd. In between songs, they would take the time to talk to the crowd, asking how they were doing and chanting with each other. They were so appreciative and grateful to perform at such an iconic venue with a sold-out arena. It is not easy to put on a show at this famous arena, let alone sell it out. It comes with a lot of pressure, and they knocked it out of the park. The song selections were amazing and they used little to no back track. Even while hitting challenging choreography, their vocals were strong and stable.

What Songs Stood Out Live?

Courtesy of Matthew Landsman

TXT have an impressive catalog with very few skips. The two best songs to hear live were “Sugar Rush Ride” and “Good Boy Gone Bad.” “Sugar Rush Ride” was a remix with traditional Korean music where they wore traditional Korean clothing, holding fans as well. It was such a good remix, and they brought their culture to the iconic Madison Square Garden. I appreciated how they brought that piece of home to North America—it was amazing to witness. The song is already perfect, but it was even better with Korean instrumentation.

“Good Boy Gone Bad” is my favorite TXT title track, and it was truly an incredible performance. It was an in-your-face stage: there were pyrotechnics and intense choreography. The song is about changing from this sweet innocent concept they were previously doing to this dark, bad boy concept. Yeonjun’s rap was incredible live, and everyone danced with insane energy.

An honorable mention is “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You).” It is a soft rock song that truly sounded better live with the band. They sounded incredible on this song and you could tell they were having the time of their lives on that stage.

Overall, the concert was incredible, and, from start to finish, they never had a weak moment. They have been training for years to become this successful global group and you could tell TXT were grateful to perform at MSG. I definitely recommend going to this concert even if you don’t know their songs. They are a tight-knit group that have perfected every combination you need for a good tour: amazing vocals, incredible visuals, insane choreography and genuinely interacting with the crowd.

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