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NandoSTL Drops The Stirring ‘Lookin’ For Me,’ Joins T-Pain on Upcoming Tour

NandoSTL's latest single, "Lookin' For Me," meshes perfectly with the sound Nappy Boy is cultivating.
Taken from @nandostl on Instagram.

It takes a lot of talent to earn a co-sign from the types that NandoSTL already has. Ambidextrous and multi-talented in a number of disciplines (singing, rapping, drumming, choir vocals), the Missouri native just dropped a gripping new piece in anticipation of his current touring engagement. Here’s everything you need to know about the St. Louis native’s latest single.

Though it begins with a somber piano line, “Looking For Me” isn’t quite what you might expect when opening up the package, at least at first glance. There’s a sweeping sense of emotionality that the instrumental sets up, but NandoSTL compromises nothing in that venture—the hook bellows out, “I’m talking smooth, nobody move / I f*** around, clear this room out / I heard a rumor you was looking for me / I heard a rumor you was looking for me.” While that refrain is the first extended section you hear on “Looking For Me,” the verses dig deeper into exactly what Nando comes with that attitude: “This for the underdogs, shout out the underdogs / I’m from down under, dawg, where you can’t come at all.”

NandoSTL Blends Subject Matter and Form With “Lookin’ For Me”

It’s a powerful piece, all told, and it carries instant stickiness and replayability. NandoSTL’s voice, more than anything, is reason enough to come back. The combination of instrumental, vocal talent and subject matter presents Rod Wave as a pretty easy comparison, perhaps switching out a bit of vernacular from Florida over to Missouri.

It’s that blend of talents that makes NandoSTL such a perfect fit for both his label and next touring engagement. The 32-year-old is a current Nappy Boy Entertainment signee, the label founded by none other than T-Pain. In addition to the major co-sign behind his career, Nando is set to join T-Pain for the Mansion in Wiscansin tour. He, LaRussell and Young Ca$H will support the “Buy You A Drank” multi-hyphenate throughout each date. While the other two openers certainly align well with what he and Pain major in, the emphasis on vocals in either of their catalogs makes a perfect match.

A still of NandoSTL, St. Louis native and signee to T-Pain's Nappy Boy Entertainment. Taken from @nandostl on Instagram.
Taken from @nandostl on Instagram.

You can find “Looking For Me” along with the rest of the NandoSTL catalog on streaming platforms everywhere. Head to T-Pain’s website for tickets for the Mansion in Wiscansin tour, which is set to make stops in most major US markets through October.

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