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Tinashe Is Chill About Her “Needs” On New Single

'Needs' is the second single from the 30-year-old's upcoming project, "BB/ANG3L."

R&B trendsetter Tinashe gears up for her tenth project, BB/ANG3L, with her second single “Needs.” This is her first effort under her exclusive deal under Ricky Reed’s record label, Nice Life. Following her dark and electronic lead single “Talk To Me Nice,” the new release experiments with a bouncy, light trap sound.

I think ‘Needs’ is a very fun song. It definitely stands out from the rest of the record to me, sonically,” the 30-year old told Dazed. “‘Talk To Me Nice’ was a little bit more serious in tone and vibe, so it’s fun to be able to show my range of personality, to be able to dance and all that good stuff. It was kind of a freestyle. I just pressed record and played a beat, and whatever came out of me was what I went with.”

The Sammy Rawal-directed music video carries the same care-free spirit in a grocery store performance. Surrounded by her dancers, Tinashe twerks on a produce stand, wears a two-piece made of cold-cuts, and kills Janet Jackson-level choreography. It will be no shock if every megastar takes a page from Tinashe’s playbook– “Needs” is completely original and fun.

“For BB/ANG3L I was very inspired by the concept of identity. Exploring both how I self-identify and also challenging the perceptions of others, Tinashe said in a statement. “Who we are at a core level, when we are alone – raw & unfiltered, is what I want this album to reflect.”

Listen to “Needs” by Tinashe below. Check out more Releases on Music Daily!

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