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Madison Beer Drops Single ‘Spinnin’ and It’s “To The Bone” Of Who She Is

Singer-songwriter Madison Beer releases her latest single, “Spinnin,” along with a very cinematic music video.

Madison Beer Wonders If the World Stopped Spinnin’ Or If She Did

Madison Beer has just dropped her newest single, “Spinnin.” The song is an emotional, evocative ballad that shows off Beer’s strong vocals. She begins the song in a tone that’s reminiscent of Billie Eilish’s voice. However, when the bridge hits, the power in her voice is evident from her satisfyingly perfect belting.

In the music video for the song, Madison Beer begins her day realizing that the world has stopped. She then spends the rest of the video running around in a frozen world. Beer is dressed in an oversized white t-shirt and white crew socks. She sings about if the world stopped spinning or if she did.

The single is another piece of Beer’s upcoming album, Silence Between Songs. The album comes out on September 15th.

The Story Behind “Spinnin”

According to Danielle Chelosky at Uproxx, Madison Beer spoke about what the song means to her in a press statement.

“This song is a reflection of a time when everything seemed to stand still,” Beer said. “I felt like every day was a cycle and I was stuck in such an anxious place, yet I could finally explore the thoughts and emotions in my head. I dreamed of a video that was cinematic and visually striking that brought those emotions to life, and I’m so proud of what we created.”

Additionally, Harriet Sim at Marie Claire writes that, in an interview with Marie Claire, Madison Beer talked about entering her new era and what the era signifies.

“For the last 12 years, I’ve gotten dolled up and worn these very styled outfits in my videos and while I loved having fun and playing dress up, I always have felt like I was playing a character. For me, it’s all about returning to myself. ‘Spinnin’ is very stripped back and I compare it to the video for my song “Selfish” and I remember feeling so myself when I was recording that video. I felt like me and don’t get me wrong; I love makeup and full glam, but my new music feels very raw and to the bone of who I am.”

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