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Tinashe Dazzles at the BB/ANG3L Tour in D.C.

Who is Tinashe?

You might know Tinashe from her smash hit “2 On (feat. SchoolBoy Q).” She was originally signed to RCA Records, making a few albums that were a mixture of R&B and pop. Fast forward a few years later, the contract ended and the singer decided to go independent. The last few albums were not fully in her creative control, and this was a chance for Tinashe to have the freedom to release music she had been yearning to write.

BB/ANG3L is the latest release from Tinashe with seven tracks. The versatility of each song is outstanding, ranging from a dark ballad like “Treason” to a dance track like the single “Needs.” She never sticks to one genre as she takes inspiration from multiple different aspects of music.

Tinashe at D.C. for the BB/ANG3L tour 2024
Courtesy of Matthew Landsman

Opener UNIIQU3 Review

The BB/ANG3L tour hit Washington, D.C., for two nights at the 9:30 Club during her birthday. I attended the second night and had the best time of my life with my roommate. UNIIQU3, a Jersey club DJ and rapper opened the show at around 8:15 PM, going on for about a half hour. She was easily one of the best openers I have ever seen. The energy was through the roof, as she would spin the table, rap an impressive bar, and dance. A true hype woman. She was twerking multiple times and interacting with the crowd, making sure we were dancing along with her. “Touch” was my favorite song out of UNIIQU3’s setlist. The strong beat against the message of wanting to have someone’s touch was an amazing experience.

UNIIQU3 at D.C. for the Tinashe BB/ANG3L tour 2024
UNIIQU3, Courtesy of Matthew Landsman

Tinashe Review

As a long-time fan of Tinashe, I couldn’t have been more excited to witness her live for the first time. Standing fourth or fifth row for the show provided a great view. A countdown began after UNIIQU3’s set counting down to 9:00 PM. A cinematic intro graced the screen as Tinashe began to sing “Treason” from her latest project. From the beginning to the end, she put on a stellar show with four guys as her background dancers. Each song was a journey as she would either perform on the floor of the stage or on an elevated surface that let her see everyone in the crowd.

Tinashe had amazing vocals supported by incredible dancing skills. There was never a dull moment on stage; she is the epitome of an all-around ace of a performer. The setlist had multiple songs off of each project she has released spanning over ten years of a catalog. Fan favorites were sung and the best song live was “Link Up.” The track is an anthemic upbeat song that sounded five times better live. Her rap flow was amazing and the choreography was impressive. Tinashe proved herself as a force to be reckoned with and the live storytelling was the cherry on top. She deserves to be the next thing to blow up in the industry.

Tinashe at D.C. for the BB/ANG3L tour 2024
Tinashe, Courtesy of Matthew Landsman

Was the Concert Worth It?

A high-energy performance from start to finish was given. You could read the love she had for everyone in the crowd all over her face. Tinashe’s setlist was about an hour and a half long, which still felt short because of how amazing it was. She could’ve performed for three hours and I would have stood there enjoying my time. I left wanting more, with more appreciation for her talent as a long-time fan. If you have the chance to catch her on the BB/ANG3L Tour, get the ticket. There was never a part where she sounded off or missed her mark to dance. The concert showed how versatile her music is. She can dance and sing upbeat songs or beautifully sing a ballad or R&B track. Go to Ticketmaster to check out where Tinashe is bringing her tour next, you do not want to miss it!

Tinashe at D.C. for the BB/ANG3L tour 2024
Tinashe, Courtesy of Matthew Landsman
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