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TikTok Phenomenon Maddie Zahm’s 2024 Tour

Ascending beyond the restraints of a TikTok one-hit-wonder, Maddie Zahm delivers an exceptional album, Now That I’ve Been Honest, plus more exciting news for the coming new year.

Maddie Zahm’s Debut Album, Now That I’ve Been Honest

Maddie Zahm 'Now That I've Been Honest.' Retrieved from artist Instagram @maddiezahm.
‘Now That I’ve Been Honest.’ Retrieved from artist Instagram @maddiezahm.

In a true testament to her growth as an artist, Maddie has released her debut album, Now That I’ve Been Honest—a vulnerable diary of songs that detail her journey thus far. She takes us on an adventure through her wins and losses, her highs and lows. In tracks like “STEP ON ME” and “Eightball Girl,” fans are able to get a grasp on who Maddie Zahm truly is. She knows which notes evoke which feelings, which beats get your body moving. She rides the momentum from her emotional TikTok sensation, “Fat Funny Friend,” and carries it on throughout her album. Discussing themes like sexuality, self-acceptance, unreciprocated love and mental health, Maddie doesn’t hold back. She can deliver powerful, bold anthems, somber ballads and everything in between.

In terms of musical capabilities, we’re not sure there are any territories Maddie isn’t willing to traverse into for the sake of creating beautiful music. Now That I’ve Been Honest is a confessional album that is home to raw vocals and masterful storytelling. It’s artists like Maddie that remind us of how impactful shows like American Idol and The Voice truly are. Without them, who knows if we’d ever uncover singers like Maddie Zahm?

Now That I’ve Been Honest – The Tour

Maddie Zahm's Now That I've Been Honest Tour. Retrieved from artist Instagram @maddiezahm.
Maddie Zahm’s Now That I’ve Been Honest Tour. Retrieved from artist Instagram @maddiezahm.

At only 22 years old, Maddie Zahm is host to powerful vocals and witty lyrics that make her a powerhouse in music. With an interesting story originating from a failed season on American Idol, Maddie has taken her losses in stride and come out on top. She’s come a long way from the girl who auditioned with Dua Lipa‘s “New Rules.” And, she’s much more than her viral TikTok single, “Fat Funny Friend.” Now, Zahm is demanding a more permanent place at the table. And her first move towards this proposition is coming in early 2024.

Kicking off in San Francisco in mid-February, catch Maddie Zahm playing her debut album in venues across the United States. For any fans in the South, sit tight! Maddie promises news of additional tour dates in the coming weeks. If 2023 wasn’t exciting enough for Maddie’s fans, then 2024 is sure to pack a punch. For a full list of dates and cities that Maddie will be visiting, see the official tour poster to the right!

Make sure to act fast if you’d like to secure tickets to Maddie Zahm on her upcoming tour! Tickets are going quickly, and we promise this is an artist you don’t want to miss.

To hold you off until the new year, be sure to stream Now That I’ve Been Honest down below. As always, make sure to stay tuned to Music Daily for all of your favorite music news and updates!

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