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Muo Duo’s “Bunny Song” | Watch Now!

Muo Duo's Miles Donnelly describes 'Bunny Song' as an "Alice In Wonderland" story that captures the emotional weight of love and loss.

Former Music Discovery act Muo Duo exclusively premieres the “Bunny Song” music video from their Afterpop EP with Music Daily! The five-track EP searches for the next fresh sound with the predominately high-energy production. Now, its standout track, “Bunny Song,” receives a video treatment directed and edited by Rebecca Chiafullo.

Miles Donnelly of Muo Duo states, “The inspiration behind the video was to make it feel like a surreal storybook to reflect the song. We filmed it in Central Park to get the classic New York feel. Stop-motion animation mixed with the shots makes it magical realism to the max. I think the video helps balance the message of love and loss with an innocent, light-hearted feeling because the song is more about appreciating all of the time spent with someone rather than focusing on what’s gone.”

Music Daily talks to director Rebecca Chiafullo about Muo Duo's "Bunny" music video from their "Afterpop" EP.
Muo Duo (Courtesy of Iconique Music Group)

Donnelly describes “Bunny Song” as an Alice In Wonderland story that captures the emotional weight of love and loss. “Celebrating the beauty of life and taking the good with the bad leaves you with a fantastical indie pop finale that feels like a cross between ‘Hey Jude’ and everything that has come from it since.”

The final lyrics—”I’ll love you in all the ways always / I’ll meet again with you someday”—are the sibling act’s heartfelt message in a bottle. Muo Duo will return. 

Watch Muo Duo’s “Bunny Song” music video below. Check out more Releases on Music Daily!

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