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The Weeknd to Pink Floyd- This Week In Music History

Welcome to the second chapter of our Once Upon A Time in Music History.

January 7, 2022: Dawn FM

Exactly a year ago, on January 7 of 2022, The Weeknd released the last missing piece of his – supposed – trilogy album release, Dawn FM. Among its 16 tracks, the fifth studio album of the Canadian singer, Dawn FM includes also hits like “Sacrifice,” “Out Of Time” and “Is There Someone Else?”

The album wasn’t as well received as previous After Hours. However, Dawn FM picked in multiple world charts, including The UK, Canada, Norway, New Zealand and Australia.

Make sure to read about The Weekdn’s latest single, The Avatar’s “Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)”

January 7, 1980: Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)

On the same day but exactly 42 years before, another incredibly important act made their appearance to the public with a new release. Pink Floyd returned with one of fans’ favorite and certainly most famous single “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2).” The song, steeped in rock, disco and a lyrics focused on a socio-political critique, peaked at No.1 on both the US and UK charts. Despite their undoubted fame and success, The Wall extract “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)” was Pink Floyd their first and only No.1 hit single.

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January 8, 2000:

On this day, it was reported that police foiled a £1 million ($1.7million) kidnap plot. The person involved in the aforementioned kidnapping was the fifth member of the iconic pop group Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham. Her baby son was considered in the kidnap plan as well.

Later on, the charges were clarified and Bogdan Stefan Maris – also known as Alin Turcu, the “culprit,” was completely acquitted. Maris received apologies in the Court of Appeal. David Price, solicitor-advocate for Mr Maris, announced:

“The defendant now accepts that the claimant was not part of a plot to kidnap Victoria Beckham or her two children. It has agreed to make a modest donation to a charity of the claimant’s choice, a contribution to his legal costs and has undertaken not to repeat the allegations of which the claimant complains.”

The man later accepted a public apology. He also accepted that the accuser would make a contribution to charity at the Court of Appeal.

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