February 02, 2023



Greyson Chance Feels Like A “Hellboy”

Greyson Chance dropped a new single, “Hellboy,” in advance of his upcoming album, Trophies. It arrives as the follow up to “Holy Feeling,” which was released back in January.

Taking A Different Approach On “Hellboy”

Although both “Hellyboy” and “Holy Feeling” will be included on Trophies, they are certainly very different. Funny enough, the titles of the songs say it all. “Holy Feeling” is a ballad that talks about what makes Greyson happy, his reason to live, and that “holy feeling.” 

“Hellboy,” on the other hand, shows us a different, but distinct side of him that also touches upon his personality traits. In the fun, sexy new song, Greyson also explains to a lover his erotic feelings toward them. “Velvet on the floor. Writings on the wall. Let me come a little closer, get you elevated. Don’t want a little more. No, I want it all. If you don’t know how to touch it, let me educate ya…Hands tied, bite your lip. Green light, flip and twist. Dark magic, red boot kick. I’m a hell boy, I’m a hell boy.”

Greyson’s Newfound Alter Ego

In a conversation with American Songwriter, Greyson Chance explains how “Hellboy” came to life while recording in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I told my songwriters, ‘I just feel like I’m a Hellboy. That’s how the single started. We started talking more about that, and I was saying how I miss performing live, so we created this alter ego of this uber-confident version of ourselves. That’s what ‘Hellboy’ is to me, the form of myself that I get when I go on stage, and I haven’t really been able to unlock that during the pandemic. This song was a way for me to find that energy again.”

He also described his songwriting process. “I think one of the best things about being an artist is, it’s truly up to you, it’s up to your interpretation,” Greyson says. “Every day, when I walk into the studio, I have a blank canvas that I can work on, and that means that I can write about something super serious, something emotional, I can write about something light-hearted, or an experience that I’ve had.”


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