The Regrettes Get A Feature On A Lauran Hibberd Song

Lauran Hibberd has a new song out and it features The Regrettes’ very own frontwoman, Lydia Night. It’s perfect if you’ve been looking for a new indie pop track to both dance to and relate to.



Lauran Hibberd and Lydia Night’s Musical Friendship

Since the day they met, Lydia Night and Lauran Hibberd have been enamored with each other. Both singer-songwriters with a powerful feminine edge made them the perfect pairing. 


Night has always had punky undertones in her lyrics and surrounding her musicianship. Curse words and teenage angst intertwined with raging against the machine tactics are her strong suit. Hibberd, on the other hand, is more a strong silent type. Her quirky, introverted nature perfectly suited the savvy lyricism and indie-pop sound she delves into. 


In a press release, Lauran explains, “Doing a collaboration was something I’d always wanted to do. I’ve always felt it really important to work together with similar artists instead of working against them, especially in these times. I am super stoked to have Lydia [Night] sing on the track; I toured with The Regrettes in 2019 and they rock. It was so much fun, and I took so much from it.”


Together, the duo created a surprisingly mystical and witty power pop track, “How Am I Still Alive?.” The independent nature of the song mixed in with its established artists’ performance allow for strong juxtaposition. It’s a fun listen for every person who tunes in and streams the brand new single. 


A Real Question: “How Am I Still Alive?”

While it’s just Night out of the four Regrettes members on this track, it still marks the first 2021 release for the Cali-band. Their sophomore album, How Do You Love?, dropped almost two years ago. Although there have been a slew of singles since then, including some featuring Night’s boyfriend Dylan Minnette from Wallows, it’s “How Am I Still Alive?” that is setting the tone for a new era of Regrettes-style punk rock. 


“How Am I Still Alive?” has heavy chords  interspersed between flawless, timekeeping drums. Musically, the track sounds like an early 2000s indie dramedy, probably starring Amanda Bynes. Like Amanda Bynes, this song has so much more to offer. It’s not just good music from Lauran Hibberd and Lydia Night. It’s also all about it’s introspective and angry lyrics that almost anyone can listen to and see themselves in. 


“I’m dreaming of the life I wanted. Pinch me, I’m happy that I never got it,” and “I’ve never really liked doing anything. I barely stayed up when they threw me in the ring,” are some of the most honest lines from this new release. 


In pandemic times, everyone’s perspective on life, people, hobbies, and the world has shifted. This song, a mid-pandemic release, depicts that purely and wholly. Lauran Hibberd and The Regrettes’ Lydia Night are putting reality on display within a deliciously power pop track.


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