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“Remote” by Wallows Gets A Deluxe Edition

New, Updated, Revamped

Remote by Wallows was originally released on October 23, 2020. The album was a six song EP released through Atlantic Records. On February 19, 2021, the band dropped the deluxe edition.


The deluxe edition of Remote by Wallows includes five more songs. The songs were previously unreleased and a surprise to fans and music lovers alike. What was once an EP has practically turned into a full-length record. Coming in now at 11 tracks, Remote features new hits and old. 


“Nobody Gets Me (Like You),” was the lead single for Remote released early in the fall of 2020. The song and it’s music video quickly shot up the charts. The singles that followed for the original addition of Remote were “Virtual Aerobics” and “Wish Me Luck.” Each had its own respective music video and all were fan favorites. The band also unofficially dropped a Clairo and Arctic Monkeys mashup that people fell in love with.


Quarterback,” the single for the deluxe edition, dropped the Monday before the reissue. The song is a bouncy, eclectic, nineties inspired banger. Coming in at three minutes exactly, every band member, instrument, and off-the-wall noise maker gets a chance to shine. It’s the perfect song to lead into this rereleased record.


Remote by Wallows Doesn’t Stop There!

The success of Remote and the fans’ reaction inspired the deluxe edition. Although still in quarantine and suffering through being remote, the album is still a break from the real world. Even though it is a quarantine album, it feels timeless. 


The alternative rock band blends punk stylings with bedroom pop vibes for a modern sound. With 8.6 million monthly Spotify listeners, it’s clear that sound resonates with many. (Before, during, and after the pandemic, as well.)


Capitalizing off of Remote’s success worked well for the LA-based band fronted by Thirteen Reasons Why’s Dylan Minette. The EP had strong tractic online and set the tone for what virtual record creating could be like. 


The original EP, as well as the latest deluxe edition, were written and recorded almost solely through the Internet. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns in Los Angeles specifically, the band was left to create through FaceTime and VoiceMemos. Overall, it still made for a fantastic set of EPs.

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