Tate McRae Goes Back In Time on “Jimmy Kimmel”

Nostalgia fills every crevice of the visually and emotionally stunning performance Tate McRae had on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.


The Whirlwind Success of Miss Tate McRae

Coincidentally, Tate McRae’s latest EP is 17 minutes long. Why is this a coincidence? because the young singer-songwriter herself is only 17-years-old. Barely old enough to drive and surely not old enough to drink, Tate McRae is a full-blown star. 


Her rise to fame was quick, but has shifted over time. McRae’s career began as a competitive dancer. From touring alongside Justin Bieber to earning third place on So You Think You Can Dance!, McRae had a career as a dancer. She was young, loved, and on-the-rise, so the start of her YouTube channel only propelled her to new heights. On her YouTube channel, at just 13-years-old, McRae did more than dance. She talked to her fans, did challenges, and – most often – sang. 


Like fellow pop star Dua Lipa, Tate McRae used her various skills as stepping stones that could lead to her biggest dream of all. With 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify and a chart-topping new EP, it’s safe to say that her dream has come true. Tate McRae is a shimmering and shining musician taking the world by storm. Someone needs to tell her 13-year-old self.


Her evocative lyrics are rooted in the trials and tribulations of being a teenage girl in the modern world. This day and age is filled with pressures and stressors. A strong media presence and global fame on top of everyday adolescent drama gives way too many stories to tell. 


The Late Night Debut of TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD

Because of YouTube’s role in her success, she paid homage to it during her latest TV performance. During her second visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, McRae took to the virtual stage to sing, “slower.”


This song comes from her new EP, TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD. The acclaimed record has skyrocketed McRae’s career within a week of it’s release. (Her face is in Times Square, she’s chart-neighbors with Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, and Harry Styles, and had this stellar late night gig.)


Jimmy Kimmel Live! gave McRae the platform she needed to honor her youth. After strolling through a fuchsia tunnel, she sits down at an electric keyboard. The lifelong piano player, who premiered her videos on YouTube, was back behind the keys. The nostalgia was evident in those scenes and could be felt just by looking at the singer’s eyes.


Not only was playing the piano a blast from the past being shared on live TV, but the backdrop was, too. As McRae sat down, the tunnel faded away and the singer’s childhood home comes into view. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! background became the setting that was once seen in McRae’s original YouTube videos. That includes her first hit one, allowing dedicated fans to go back in time right alongside the star herself.


so…. we recreated my first ever viral video from when i was 13, last night […] the craziest feeling,” she wrote in an Instagram caption.


Time and time again Tate McRae has used music to tell a story. From relationship troubles to insecurities, she covers it all. Her impressive vocal ability and rollercoaster range only adds to the reason people why listen to her. This nostalgia-inducing performance to promo her new EP was just the icing on the cake of her latest successful project.



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