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The New Rex Orange County is “AMAZING”

Alexander James O’Connor, better known as Rex Orange County, released his newest single “AMAZING.”

Long Awaited

Since Rex’s release of the critically acclaimed album “PONY” in 2019, fans have been begging for new songs. After years of teasing songs on TikTok and Instagram livestreams, O’Connor has finally delivered.

The releases of his EPs “AMAZING” and “Keep it Up” have been warmly received by listeners all over the internet. Both of these songs sport themes of love and positivity, which is much needed with everything going on in the world.

Thumbs Up

The music video for “AMAZING” is wildly unique. The use of literal hand puppets to match the lyrics of this love song offers bright visuals for watchers. However, the thumbs up seems to be the theme for Rex’s recently released singles.

Both of the singles cover art features his thumbs up that are spouting words of encouragement, which are also the titles of the singles, to the listeners.

Positivity Is Key

In an Instagram live stream, Rex talks about how he began to shape this album after years of writing, waiting, and planning.

“For me, and many others, these past few years have been an absolute mess. It seemed like the world was just laying on one disaster after another, and that affected everyone negatively. So, for this new album I really wanted to explore a more positive angle. I wanted to make songs that people would look forward to and would help get them out of the ruts they get stuck in. And, as much as I want to say this is for others, this album is also for me. It acts as a reminder of how far I’ve come.”

Who Cares?

With his new album “Who Cares?” coming out next month, fans can look forward to the new, positive sounds that Rex is bringing to the table. On top of the new album, Rex has already started selling tickets for his US and UK tour.

If you would like to see more content from Rex Orange County, including tour dates, socials, and merch, visit his website here.

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