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Alec Benjamin Unveils “Shadow Of Mine” & Announces Album

Pop singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin released his latest single “Shadow Of Mine,” arriving in advance of his upcoming album (Un)Commentary.

Alec Tries to Escape His Problems on “Shadow Of Mine”

Alec Benjamin is well-known for his sweet and heartfelt ballads. You might know him from his 2018 breakout single “Let Me Down Slowly,” which is about to hit 1 billion streams on Spotify! But Alec hasn’t stayed completely quiet since then. He released his sophomore album, These Two Windows, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and released more singles teasing a new era after that. Well, looks like the peak of this era is coming soon, as Alec just announced that his third studio album, (Un)Commentary, is set for release on April 15!

“Shadow Of Mine” arrives alongside the album news. The song is tender, bittersweet, and truthful. The piano-driven ballad talks about Alec wanting to escape his problems while comparing them to his shadow, which he can’t escape.

“Everywhere I go, my shadow, it follows behind. Doesn’t matter where I travel, my shadow, it finds me. Something that I’ve come to realize after all this time. I can’t escape my shadow, I can’t escape my shadow,” he sings in the chorus.

“A lot of the time you think your problems are the product of your environment when in reality they exist inside you,” Alec shared about “Shadow Of Mine.” Of the new album, he added, “I think my generation has a lot of valid criticisms of everything that’s happening in our country and in the world right now. The question is: are we going to tear ourselves apart, or are we going to leave this place better than we found it?”

(Un)Commentary is Out on April 15!

(Un)Commentary is produced by Sir Nolan, and features writing collaborations with Dan Wilson, Charlie Puth, Sam Romans, and Nolan Lambrosa. Be on the lookout for it on April 15!


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