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The National’s Album “Last Track” Features Phoebe Bridgers

The National’s new album Last Track features Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, and Roseanne Cash. This is the band’s second album of 2023. Phoebe Bridgers features on the album’s title track.

Earlier this year, The National released their first album of 2023. Titled First Two Pages of Frankenstein, it also featured Phoebe Bridgers. Sufjan Stevens and Taylor Swift also make major appearances. Last Track was released after the band held their own festival in Cincinnati. Patti Smith and Pavement were part of the line-up.

According to Rolling Stone, Matt Berninger released the news about the surprise album at the festival. He said, “We have a new record coming out, it comes out Sunday night at midnight. The new record is called Laugh Track, and we have some pre-pressed vinyls here on your way out. The vinyl doesn’t come out ’til November. But you guys can get vinyl here, tonight.”

Aaron Dessner added, “We’re really excited about this record.”

After the announcement, the band played “Dreaming” for the first time live. Other songs from the new album played included “Space Invader,” “Alphabet City,” and “Smoke Detector.”

Some reviews of this year’s earlier release were not highly disparaging, but neither were they full of praise. However, this second entry is reviewing better, as this album is a refinement of the better parts of First Two Pages of Frankenstein.

Last Track by The National Tracklist

The album’s tracklist and track runtime are listed below.

  • Alphabet City 03:43
  • Deep End (Paul’s in Pieces) 04:29
  • Weird Goodbyes (feat. Bon Iver) 05:03
  • Turn off the House 04:35
  • Dreaming 03:46
  • Laugh Track (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) 04:24
  • Space Invader 06:58
  • Hornets 04:35
  • Coat on a Hook 04:58
  • Tour Manager 04:26
  • Crumble (feat. Rosanne Cash) 04:35
  • Smoke Detector 07:47

Last Track is available to stream on all your favorite platforms.

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