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Slayyyter May Be a “Starfucker” But She Can Make Damn Good Music

Stream Slayyyter's new record, 'Starfucker,' below!

The streets of L.A. are calling,—no, screaming, actually—over Slayyyter’s new record, STARFUCKER. The tried-and-true Y2K-hyperpop darling trades in her McBling era Juicy Couture tracksuit for a nude centerfold straight out of Playboy. Days before its release, the 26-year-old teased the pristine, dark pop aesthetic with racy visuals.

“This album is so special to me because it’s such a glamorized version of my real life,” she told Interview Magazine. “I wanted it to feel more timeless than some of my other projects.”

The truth of the matter is Slayyyter makes fun pop music. The album’s lead single, “Out Of Time,” revived the oversaturated ’80s synths. Knowing her dedicated queer following and gay club fascination, it felt less The Weeknd-centric and more Britney Spears’ Blackout—something criminally underrated and wholly beloved.

Most of the record follows a darker, rock pop uniform with sizzling basslines on “I Love Hollywood!” and harsh clang and metallic sounds on “Plastic.” For a slanderous Hollywood term titling your album, Slayyyter’s climatic track, “Dramatic,” doesn’t mind the mess.

In the midst of tantalizing production, there are a few diamonds amongst the gems. “Rhinestone Heart” faintly resembles the melody of “Love Again” by Dua Lipa, but Slayyyter ABBA-fies it, putting a lot more glittery disco into the track. However, “Purrr” is probably the most bizarre moment on the record, a bit purposefully clunky with the old crunchy Slayyyter shining through the pin-up gimmick.

For a record without proper deep cuts, “Memories Of You” and “Tear Me Open” offer that sweet pop escapism with lyrical complexity and ear-tingling EDM elements.

Slayyyter’s Club Valentine Tour

Slayyyter will embark on a national tour in support of the album. The Club Valentine tour will have 13 dates in cities across the U.S., including Boston, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Chicago. Supporting acts will include emerging Y2K-hyperpop artists Bayli, Miss Madeline, and Lolo Zaoui on select dates. Get tickets here.

Listen to Slayyyter’s new album, STARFUCKER, below. Check out more Releases on Music Daily!

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