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Arlo Parks Finds Pure Love on ‘Pegasus’ Featuring Phoebe Bridgers

Arlo Parks sings about true love and the rarity in feeling such elated happiness on her new single “Pegasus,” featuring Phoebe Bridgers.

Arlo Parks Has Discovered Her “Pegasus”

Singer-songwriter Arlo Parks has created an enchanting, dreamy song with “Pegasus.” According to her Instagram post announcing the song’s release, Parks sings about “the purity and rarity of true love, that feeling of solidity, of finding a real home in another human being, of wanting to be better with/for someone but being held as you are.”

In several parts of the song, Phoebe Bridgers harmonizes with Parks. They sing together during the choruses, as well as on one of the last verses. In another Instagram post, Parks shares her appreciation for Bridgers.

The chorus of the song is both somewhat simple in its repetitiveness and powerful with its repetition. It repeats the line “I think you’re special ‘cause you told me” three times. This calls to attention the innocence, poignancy, and genuine happiness of being so in love with someone and being so loved by someone that every little thing feels special.

“Pegasus” is off of Parks’ upcoming album, My Soft Machine.

A Music Video to Frolic to

Arlo Parks creates an ethereal vision with the music video for “Pegasus.” In the video, Parks is driving through the desert, picking up hitchhikers, and overall, living her best life. In the Instagram post announcing the release of “Pegasus,” Parks says, “The video captures that frenetic joy and energy – the barren backdrop of the desert, finding relief and colour after a long time of being alone.”

Check out the music video below.

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