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Kylie Minogue is a “Star Ba-ba-babe” On Her New Album “Tension”

Australian singer-songwriter Kylie Minogue proves she is an eternal pop legend with her latest album 'Tension.'

Kylie Minogue & Tension

One of the many “Princesses of Pop,” Kylie Minogue glitters and shines on her latest album, Tension. The album reminds listeners once again that Kylie Minogue knows how to make pop music, and make it good. Her songs on the album make you want to dance and/or find somebody to “break the tension” with.

The pre-release tracks, “Padam Padam” and “Tension,” both have accompanying music videos. The rest of the songs on the album either have a lyric video or a visualizer. Check them all out in her YouTube playlist.

Additionally, on the deluxe version of her album, there are three extra songs: “Love Train,” “Just Imagine,” and “Somebody To Love.”

To celebrate the release of Tension, Minogue had a Pop-Up Store at Regent Street in London. The Pop-Up was up from the day of the release—September 22nd—to 6pm yesterday, lasting the weekend.

Tension and Its Multiple Editions

On Kylie Minogue’s official website, you can find various editions of Tension for sale. There are two different cassette editions: the Deluxe Double Cassette and the Collector Cassette Bundle. These editions are catered to the retro lovers and nostalgic fans who remember where Minogue came from and how she got from there to here decades later.

Then, there are the CD versions: the Deluxe CD, the Standard CD, and the Standard CD with alternative artwork. Finally, of course, there are the vinyl editions of the album. The website features a Limited Edition Gatefold Silver Vinyl. It also features Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl that come in four different colors: orange, pink, green, and black. The orange, pink, and green vinyl come with exclusive artwork that coordinate with the colored vinyl.

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