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The Erasure of Concert Etiquette: Bebe Rexha, Cardi B, Ava Max, and More

In a sad turn of events, it appears that a new trend of anti-concert etiquette has been introduced to shows around the world.

Concert Performers Face On-Stage Dangers

Artists like Ava Max and Harry Styles have become entrenched in the recent trend of throwing things at concerts. One of the most recent occurrences was at a Bebe Rexha concert in which a fan hit her in the face with a phone. The event took place in New York City and resulted in Rexha leaving the stage, abruptly ending the show. The man responsible was promptly arrested and charged for his dangerous act. He was set to appear in court late July, fighting felony assault charges. However, this only began a string of events for concerts. See Bebe’s injury in the photo above.

Since, a multitude of other artists have fallen victim to similar happenings. Only two days after Rexha’s incident, Ava Max had a particularly scary encounter. A fan stormed the stage during her Los Angeles show and struck her in the face. Here’s what she had to say about what happened:

Harry Styles has had many instances of items thrown at him while performing his Love On Tour. In a couple of instances, fan videos capture the pop singer hunched over after having bottles and other items thrown at his groin. At another show, candy was allegedly thrown in his eye, causing him to pause momentarily. Drake also had a phone thrown at him while performing on stage in Chicago. And most recently, Cardi B had a “fan” throw a drink at her mid-performance. In response, Cardi throws her microphone at the assailant. Time and time again, artists are encountering dangerous fans that ruin concert experiences for everyone.

The Future of Concert Etiquette

Many artists have spoken out advocating against the recent shift in concert etiquette. For example, while performing one of her residencies shows in Las Vegas, Adele said the following:

“Have you noticed how people are forgetting f—ing show etiquette at the moment. People are throwing s— on stage. Have you seen that? I f—ing dare you — I dare you throw something at me. I’ll f—ing kill you.”

-Adele during one of her July Las Vegas residency shows at the Colosseum

We can only hope that concert etiquette returns to normal. Artists deserve to feel safe and welcomed while performing on stage. Similarly, fans deserve to have a complete concert experience without having a single person ruin the night for everyone. Concerts are supposed to be safe spaces for all parties involved. Hopefully, storming the stage and throwing items at artists are a thing of the past and we can all move forward. Until then, remember to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Including the artists!

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