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The 1975 Preview New Album and Single “Part Of The Band”

It’s time for a new era of The 1975. The band has been relatively under the radar since the release of 2020’s Notes On A Conditional Form. But there’s new music on the horizon with the band announcing their fifth album, titled Being Funny In A Foreign Language arriving via Dirty Hit.

On June 1, fans began spotting these mysterious posters with an image of frontman Matt Healy and the date July 7.

Yesterday, the band took to Twitter to confirm fans’ suspicions, announcing a new single “Part Of The Band” dropping on July 7. They posted an image with the song’s lyrics handwritten across the photo. And well, they’re pretty out there even for Matt Healy. We know he’s not shy about making social commentary. Or about sharing details about his deviant, drug-fueled past. But he’s outdone himself with this one, and the song isn’t even out yet.

A Preview of “Part Of The Band” Lyrics

“I know some Vaccinista tote bag chic baristas sitting in east on their communista keisters writing about their ejaculations,” he writes.

It touches on all the token themes of The 1975. Irony? Check. Self-loathing? Absolutely. Sex? Of course. Being “woke”? Yep. The internet destroying us? Yes. Cocaine? You bet. Heroin? That too.

He even manages to hit half these themes with this one line: “Am I ironically woke? The butt of my joke? Or I am just some post-coke, average, skinny bloke calling his ego imagination?”

Billboards sporting the same image and accompanying lyrics are popping up, as shown by Dirty Hit on Instagram.

The jury is still out on whether the song will save these cringy lyrics. Check back in with Music Daily after “Part Of The Band” drops on July 7 to hear our take on the track. And be sure to stay up to date with our Drops section to be in the know about new releases from ALL your favorite artists.

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