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Mia Rodriguez Wants To “Superglue” Her Broken Heart

Mia Rodriguez recently released her newest single, “Superglue,” and it’s like stepping into a dream.

The Dreamworld of “Superglue”

Mia Rodriguez has released her newest pop song, “Superglue.” The single is about finding it difficult to let someone love you after being hurt before. With light, airy vocals and smooth, chill instrumentals, “Superglue” feels warm and mellow, despite the somewhat heavy lyrics.

In an interview with Sweety High, Rodriguez says that the song is “very escapist.” She discusses how she was bullied most of her life for being different. She says, “‘Superglue’ is a representation of my dream to escape the reality of emotional pain and confusion.” Rodriguez goes on to talk about what “Superglue” means to her. “I hope my listeners feel like they’re not dealing with this alone.” The singer wants to reassure her listeners that she and so many others can relate to wishing for superglue to fix a broken heart.

In the “Superglue” official visualizer, Rodriguez takes her viewers through an Alice in Wonderland-esque world. Further emphasizing the dreamlike quality of the song. The visualizer is a rolling animation with a Studio Ghibli-inspired art style. Give it a watch below!

mia rodriguez
Picture: Supplied/Matthew Raabus

Mia Rodriguez – From TikTok to Record Labels

Mia Rodriguez grew up in Sydney, Australia. She began her music career by posting covers on TikTok. According to her website, after signing with City Pop Records and Atlantic Records, the singer released her debut single, “Emotion,” in 2019. Following that, she released singles like “Psycho” in 2020 and “Shut Up” this past March. Most of her music is pop and dark pop. She draws inspiration from contemporary pop, emo, alternative, Kpop, and more.

Next month, Rodriguez is performing at a few Australian venues. Check out the tickets for her shows here.

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