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Tenille Townes Wonders About Love on “When’s It Gonna Happen”

Canadian country singer-songwriter Tenille Townes released her latest single, “When’s It Gonna Happen,” following up to November’s “Villain in Me.”

Tenille Writes an Ode to Single People on “When’s It Gonna Happen”

“When’s It Gonna Happen” is a hopeful song where Tenille wonders why she is the only one left out of her friends that hasn’t been able to find love yet. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the last one standin’. I look around and all my friends are fallin’ in love. I’m scared to death I’ll end up empty-handed. Can’t be the only one. Thinking when’s it gonna happen, happen to mе?” she sings in the chorus.

In a press statement, Tenille shared the inspiration behind “When’s It Gonna Happen.”“I wrote this song because it’s a real and true window into my life right now; and how I feel sometimes about being single. I know that if it’s something I’m feeling, then there must be others who feel the same way I do. Wanted to create something that would speak to them too! I’ve shared a few pieces of the song on socials, and it has been the most encouraging and exciting thing seeing people comment and say that they feel the same way.”

It turns out, the idea for the song came over Zoom ”I was on a zoom writing session with my friends, Stephen Wrabel and Steph Jones. And we were kind of talking about that and about how I was getting a bunch of invitations in the mail to my friend’s weddings and how it feels like they are all getting married and having babies. And what if we wrote a song about what it feels like to not be in that same spot right now?” 

She’s Going on the Villain In Me Tour This Winter

“When’s It Gonna Happen” arrives just as Tenille is about to head out on her Villain In Me tour. Kicking off in Nashville, TN on January 27, it will stop at major cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles before taking a break in between; due to Tenille opening for George Strait in Las Vegas. Almost right after, she will go on to open for Reba and stop by some festivals. Then, in June, she will conclude her headlining tour in Philadelphia, PA. You can find all dates and tickets to her shows here. 

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